BUYER Our highest priority is focused on customer satisfaction. We want to win customers and satisfy them in the long term by providing competent advice and services that are geared to the needs of our stakeholders, promptly, quickly and without errors. PRODUCT QUALITY The quality of our products has a significant influence on our success. The technical characteristics, quality and reliability of our products must fully meet customer requirements in terms of functionality, safety and reliability, as well as national and international standards and official requirements, and must be compatible with people and the environment. With a process approach we create transparency and promote professional communication in our company. EMPLOYEES Motivated employees are crucial for the quality of the company. Every EUREL d.o.o. employee must do everything in their power to deliver high quality products and services. Training and team spirit are key to successfully achieving quality goals. We motivate employees through responsibility and recognition of performance. ENVIRONMENT At EUREL d.o.o. we are committed to continuous improvement of the impact of environmental management and compliance with legal and other obligations we have agreed upon. When developing processes, products and investments, we will take into account environmental aspects and the life cycle of products. We will separate waste, reduce and improve resource use efficiency at all levels of the business and prevent pollution. We will inform our customers and suppliers about our environmental orientation. QUALITY MANAGEMENT and ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Every mistake or setback is a step backwards for us, so we do not hide our mistakes and weaknesses, we address them openly. We even look for errors, because they give us the chance to move forward. The quality management and environmental management system is maintained at the level of the requirements of the international standards “ISO 9001 Quality Management System”, “IATF 16949 Automotive Standard” and “ISO 14001 Environmental Management System”. We systematically identify risks and eliminate or reduce them. We monitor policies and objectives, communicate about them within the company and with stakeholders, take appropriate actions and continuously improve the quality and environmental management system. THE HIGHEST OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPANY EUREL d.o.o. • Increase customer satisfaction, • Reduce complaints, • Timely or faster response (8D) to complaints, • Improved communication, • Satisfaction of owners, employees, • Environmental protection. QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT POLICY IS MANDATORY FOR ALL EMPLOYEES! Revision: 02 Poljčane, 5 December 2019 Director: Matjaž Delopst